Work at height

Work at height

Work at height is often an important part of a lot of work processes. In the view of OHS, it is often underrated. 3 people died and 15 were badly injured with long lasting consequences in the Slovak Republic last year. We want to share our know-how with you, which we have built up over more than 30 years.

Work at height:

  • Training OHS for work at height by rope access in a professional training centre in Bratislava
  • Training OHS for work at height over 1.5 metres, where the work cannot be conduct from fixed and safety work floors and work from ladders
  • Work at height by innovative methods for the most demanding clients from complicated sites.
  • Elaborating the needed OHS documentation for work at height (safety work standards, technology standards, directives for work at height, PPE evidence)
  • Personal protective equipment for work at height and fall protection (safety harness, fall absorber, connecting equipment, rope and lots of others)
  • Specifying anchor points, sale of needed accessories
  • Risk assessment for work at height and proposal of solutions
  • Checking ladders
  • Checking fall protection equipment
  • Training for work at height with teachers for work at height (maximum level of OHS knowledge for work at height)
  • Project solutions to safen workplaces at height

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Training OHS for work at height