OHS coordination on building site

OHS coordination on building site

Construction is one of the most high risk sectors, with death or seriously health damaging consequences. IBP s.r.o. provides the builder with completely reliable services in the OHS area during the realization of building work, as well as during the project phase through an OHS coordinator.

OHS coordination includes:

  • Application of general principles of OHS prevention and requests in connection with OHS
  • Checking of using right workflows
  • Oversight of securing entry on the site only for people, who conduct work obligations there
  • Cooperation among the employers on common buildings if their work activities follow each other. Provide the regulation of work in accordance to protect employees, prevent accidents and other threats to health. Provide mutual informing and connecting individuals, who are self-employed and are not employees, to this process if needed
  • Editing OHS plan having regard to changes in workflows
  • Overseeing the following of OHS plans
  • Specifying the time of single work or their phase
  • Positioning workplace, accessibility, and specifying ways or spaces for passage and movement for employees and transit and movement of work equipment
  • Adapting time specifications for single jobs or their phases according to real workflows
  • Conditions for manipulation with various materials
  • Oversight over systems and hygiene on sites
  • Specifying conditions for removing dangerous materials or substances which were not used
  • Cooperation among employers and those who are self-employed and are not employees
  • Mutual effect working activities conducted in building or near building
  • Oversight over maintenance of devices and work equipment. Checking before commissioning and regular checks focusing on removing deficiencies, which could influence employees safety and health
  • Specifying and treatment places for storage of various materials, especially dangerous materials or substances
  • Proposal of technical and organization solutions based on work plans which will be conducted at the same time or will follow each other

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