Civil protection

Civil protection

Civil protection is the system of the tasks and actions focused on the protection of life, health and property. Civil protection consists of analyzing possible threats and acceptable possible actions to decrease risks, threats, as well as specifying standards and activities during the removal of the consequences of emergencies (extraordinary events). The purpose of civil protection is protect life, health and property and create conditions for survival during emergencies (extraordinary events).

Basis for implementing the Civil Code:

  • From the plan of the main tasks for civil protection in the current year
  • From analysis of regions based on the possible origin of emergencies (extraordinary events), that are released by the regional office

This information are authoritative for elaborating the needed documentation:

  • Plan for population protection
  • Plan for protecting employees and persons who are taken into care
  • Informing and educating about civil protection (training for civil protection unit members, informing employees)

What can we offer you?

  1. Management and actualisation of documentation
  2. Advising about civil protection area
  3. Cooperating with Offices and villages regarding the solutions of civil protection
  4. Education activities on civil protection

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