OHS, fire protection, occupational medical services

We offer complex services in the OHS, fire protection and occupational medical services area for everyone.


We provide all legal training for employees and part-time workers in one place. We will elaborate and regularly update the entire documentation for you and carry out mandatory personal searches. We also help to fight with the fluctuation of employees, to regularly train them and to fulfil their potential.


We offer personal training and online training. You don’t have to hire safety engineers and fire engineers for personal training for new or current employees.


Expertise and quality is our priority, we have 30 years experience in OHS and education. We cooperate with recognized authorities. We can guarantee peace of mind. 


We offer the fulfilment of all legal duties at minimal prices. We prepare processes for bigger as well as small companies (trainings, course) at the best price on the market. For our clients we offer additional services for unbeatable prices. Need a first aid course, equipment revision, fire extinguisher, alcohol test or first aid kit? We have everything all in the one place.

What can we help you with?

Elaborating OHS documentation (risks assessment, OHS standards, storage, operating rules, traumatological plans, display units, driving of vehicles, OHS policy, PPE provision, alcohol testing, night work, processes for injury or accidents, working at heights and others)

Elaborating fire protection documentation (fire alarm directives, fire evacuation plans, fire identification card of the company, fire logbook, project fire safety of buildings and others).

Elaborating documentation of Occupational Medical Services (entry audit, risk evaluation, work activities categorization, operating rules, directives for preventive medical examinations and others)

Investigation of accidents at work

Deputing during the checks of state authorities

Fire Drills

OHS checks in the workplace

OHS coordination on building sites

Elaborating OHS plans on building sites

Preventive fire protection checking

Work at height (sale of fall protection equipment, elaborating technological processes for work at heights)

Sale of protection accessories

Checking of fire extinguishers, fire hydrants, fire hoses

Revision of electrical, gas, lifting equipment (electrical appliances, electrical distributions, cranes, gates, cookers, gas distribution and lots of others)

First aid course (accredited by the Ministry of Health)

Safety signs (signs for stairs, fire extinguishers, fire hydrants, emergency exits and lots of others)


Training in English or German:

•             informing employees and executives about safety at work

•             training for employees and executives about fire protection

•             training drivers of company cars

•             training for work at heights

•             training for chemical factories

•             training for ground work

•             training truck drivers

•             training electricians (basic, update, repeated)

•             training for civil protection

•             training for fire watch members

•             knowledge verification

Ergonomics at work (evaluating of workplaces, measures to prevent occupational diseases)

Organization of events aimed at OHS, Fire protection, Occupational Medical Services