Playground safety

Based on results from checks conducted by the Slovak Trade Inspection, the number of playground deficiencies very high. Approximately 70% of deficiencies on playgrounds relate to child safety. The supervisory authority can award sanction of up to 50 000 euro for these deficiencies.

Complex services in playground safety areas:

  • Checking playgrounds based on law č. 371/2019 Z. z. about basic safety requirements in the playground
  • Maintenance of playground for a longer operating life
  • Advising during playground use (basic owner obligations, evidence of accidents caused, signposted playground, entry checking of playground, repeated checking)
  • Removing deficiencies which were found during the checking

New local laws designate the requirements for the professional competence of playground inspectors.

The activity of inspectors without the required experience, technical abilities and authorization is not allowed.

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